Federation of Chambers of
Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka

FCCISL to Make Known Success Stories to the World


Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Sri Lanka (FCCISL) the apex body of private sector  of Sri Lanka  is about to  bring the global attention and focus on successful companies and make known success stories of entrepreneurs , industrialist and investors  operating in Sri Lanka a land of extraordinary potential.

FCCISL has joined hands with the Teaching Company Scheme for Enterprise Initiative of the Faculty of Industrial management of University of Kaleniya especially for this purpose and would deploy a qualified consultant with no charge to the company and he would make case study using the data/ information obtainable within the company.

Key sectors for case studies

These case studies will be prepared on best practices on Production, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Operations, Accounting and Finance, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and Industrialism and Corporate Social Responsibility.

These case studies will be prepared by specially trained consultants of FCCISL and will be improved by university lectures for the use of university students as a part of their learning materials. Also these case studies will be published on universities and FCCISL websites and any other promotional websites.

Benefits to the company

(1) Recognition: Help build corporate brand and attract more companies from overseas and local for business linkages with your company.

(2) Image:  The case studies will improve the positioning of your company in the eyes of the society.  Creating enthusiasm among university students invest in our economy to be future entrepreneurs for creation of wealth and employment to combat youth unemployment and poverty

(3) Recruitment: This will help you attract best prospects from university stream to fill managerial positions.

(4) Opportunity for investments: Enhanced opportunities to get investments from abroad.

(5) Management: Provides snapshot of the reality and ethically challenged positions on management and would articulate solutions consciously to coordinate different departments towards shared objectives.

We reiterate that this is a timely opportunity to publicize the industrial and entrepreneurial achievements within the last three decades as to specifically proclaim of your thriving years to the world.

We hope that you will utilize this opportunity to make the very best for your company and our nation’s progress.

For more details and inquiries please contact Mr.Srilal J Perera on 2334740 / 2334744 / 0770885166 / 0724687165 Email – [email protected]