Federation of Chambers of
Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka

SME Machinery, Technology and Services Exhibition 2012

24, 25, 26 August 2012 @ BMICH
From 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

SME Machinery, Technology & Services Exhibition 2012 is the seventh of the series, since its inception in 2006. The exhibition is organized by the Small and Medium Enterprise Developers (SMED), the SME development arm of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL), in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. It is also endorsed by the Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Livestock & Rural Community Development.

The exhibition which is organized annually provides a platform for the Sri Lankan SME sector to showcase their Machineries, Technologies and Support Services and also establish links for future business developments. Over 7000 genuine SME sector representatives are attracted from all districts of the country. Business delegates from regional chambers are coordinated by the FCCISL’s strong regional chamber network.

A SME Forum is arranged concurrent to the Machinery, Technology and Services Exhibition 2012 where the Government SME policies and strategies, new technologies and innovate products & services will be presented. One to one discussions, meetings with potential partners and institutions will also be arranged.

For whom

  • Sri Lankan SMEs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Potential Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals and Academics
  • Researchers
  • Farmers
  • Government Representatives
  • Marketers
  • Vocational and University Students
  • Retailers and Distributors
  • General Public
  • Who Wants to Acquire Technical Know-how

Special Features

  • Parallel Events – a series of workshops and seminars
  • Raffle draws for visitors
  • Best inventor competition
  • Promotional announcements during the exhibition
  • Live media discussions with entrepreneurs

Exhibitor Profile

Machinery & Technology

  • Food Processing
  • Rice and Agro Processing
  • Metal Working
  • Energy Management/ Equipments
  • Plastic and Fiber Glass Manufacturing
  • Leather and Shoe Making
  • Safety Equipment Suppliers
  • Recycling of Plastic/ Paper etc
  • Tea Manufacturing
  • Welding Sector
  • Coir Processing
  • Essential Oil Extraction
  • Wood Working
  • Earthenware Manufacturing
  • Soil Cleaning and Separation Plants
  • Gem and Jewelry Manufacturing
  • CNC Machinery


  • Seed and Bio Technology
  • Agricultural Research and Extensions
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Rice and Agro Processing
  • Farm Chemicals
  • Green House Technologies
  • Agro Processing Equipment
  • Food and Beverage Technology
  • Vegetable and Fruit Technology
  • Agro Based Packaging Technology
  • Post Harvest Technology

Contact Details

Event Co-coordinators
Rasika / Ravindi
General : +94 112 304 253–4 ext 410, 402 Fax : +94 112 304 291
Mobile : +94 772 308 257 , +94 773 888 726
Email : [email protected], [email protected]

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