Federation of Chambers of
Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka

Delegation from Chinese tea sector to FCCISL

The Yunnan Province sub Council of China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) led a 17 member strong trade delegation from the tea sector of China to the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL), on Wednesday 30th December 2009.

The delegation was lead by Mr.Li Jiashou Chairman of China Council of Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Yunnan Province sub Council and consisted seven Officers from CCPIT and nine Businessmen representing the tea sector of Yunnan Province.

Mr. Kosala Wickramanayake President FCCISL welcome the delegation and said there are many common aspects to be shared between the Yunnan province China and Sri Lanka, especially tea Industry.

He said, the vastly improved high technology Tea Research Centre in Yunnan Province is rendering valuable service for the improvement of tea industry in the global perspective. Mr.Wickramanayaka expressing his complementary attitude and said it is nice to see that the economy of Yunnan Province is boldly and successfully encountering the world economic recession.

The purpose of the visit of Chinese delegation is to strengthen the economic ties between CCPIT & FCCISL as they have signed a MOU on this aspect three years ago, facilitating the Sri Lankan Business community participate at the world famous “Kungming Trade Fair” where FCCISL is given the privilege of offering 20 fully pledge stalls to the Sri Lankan Businessmen in this International Trade Fair, absolutely free of charge.

Mr.Li Jiashou mentioned that China enjoys 17.7% increases in the Economic growth and the Yunnan Province records 3% higher than the average economic development in 2009 GDP was 8.4% in Yunnan and expected to be 9% next year.

Mr. Kosala Wickramanayaka also praised the Sri Lanka China political relationship. Sri Lanka received strong support from China for the development of Hambantota harbour, new art gallery, renovation of BMICH, railway development and many more.

The imports from China run in to a huge amount over US $ 20 billion but little from Sri Lanka exports to China. Therefore, the trade balance between the two countries are very much in favour of China. This trade imbalance could be reduced with the China’s support and in this regard the CCPIT can play a vital role. By 2012, We will celebrate 60th year of the famous RR Pact between Sri Lanka and China. FCCISL will plan a ceremony of celebration in this regard.

Mr. Li Jiashou said China knows they held the upper arm in the trade between two countries and that’s why they have organized South Asian Economy Forum along with South Asian Countries Commodity Fair in China by this way China is establishing a platform for the South Asian countries to echo their voice for the smooth economic development with China.