Federation of Chambers of
Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka

FCCISL inaugurates the first ever District Enterprise Forum in Jaffna.

The first ever “District Enterprise Forum”(DEF) in Jaffna was inaugurated by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) at the Auditorium of the District Secretariat Jaffna on 24th June 2010. Mr. K.Ganesh, Government Agent of Jaffna chaired the meeting where heads of all departments and representatives of the District Chambers of Commerce, Cooperative sector, Private sector, INGOs and Banks were present.

Mr. Pooranachandran President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Yarlpanam (CCIY ) welcomed all the members and the Chairman of the Forum and G A Jaffna, Mr. K.Ganesh, during his address explained the importance of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in promoting the private sector of the district, which is considered to be the engine of the economic growth.

Mr. W.J.Soosairatnam, Advisor – Northern and Eastern Regional Chambers of the FCCISL in his presentation, explained the Concept, Objectives, and the Mechanism of the DEF program and pointed out that the “District Enterprise Forum is a public- private dialogue between government, private sector and NGOs in the district to address policy, regulatory, administrative and business related issues which hinder private sector development”. He further facilitated in the formation of the Executive committee which is suppose to be the key factor for the successful operation of the Forum.

The Executive Committee of the District Enterprise Forum, comprising 25 members and the Government Agent as the chairman, was unanimously elected to ease the process in solving the following common categories of the issues faced by the business community such as: Infrastructure related issues, markets & market related issues, human resources related issues, financial & investment related issues, administrative & legal issues in order to enhance the business activities in the district.

To enhance the empowerment of the business community in the districts and to support their policy advocacy, lobbying, and representation action to create a conducive business environment, FCCISL has already inaugurated the District Enterprise forums in 17 districts in Sri Lanka delivering tangible improvements in the business environment.

“Chamber Presidents Forum” which is another instrument of collective voice of business community, to improve the regional economy of the country is another milestone of the FCCISL of this nature. Business related policies or regulatory issues that cannot be solved at the district and provincial levels will be taken to the policy makers of the National Level by the FCCISL.