Federation of Chambers of
Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka

FCCISL is Leading a Trade Delegation to Cochin India 16-17 April 2007

Hon. Minister’s awareness programs on the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement.

Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) is leading a trade delegation to accompany Minster of Export Development and International Trade Hon. Prof. G L Peiri’s visit to Cochin India 16-17 April 2007. Hon. Minister will be conducting series of awareness programs on the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement. The Kerela Chamber of Commence one of the main organizers of this visit has also organized some one –one business meetings. Details of this delegation are attached.

Sectors of Interest

KKCI has indicated that their members would like to establish joint ventures with Sri Lankan business counterparts in the following sectors:

  • Tourism (Special emphasis on Eco tourism, adventure and health)
  • Education
  • Hospitals
  • Fisheries
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction and Real Estate industry
  • Software Parks
  • Food parks
  • Permanent Exhibitions and Convention Centers
  • Entertainment

Other Products categories with high interests are

Ceramic tiles (Floor &Wall); Kitchen furniture parts; Cinnamon leaf oil; Rubber balloons; Compact Flourcent Lamps; Particles Boards; Bicycles ; Polish marble slabs; Chemicals ; Synthetic Rubber Adhesive; Ceiling Sections ; Tyer & Tubes; Bakery Shortening ; Ceramic Ware ; Vanaspati ; Car Batteries; Pine wood logs; Sanitary ware; Teak Logos; Olio pine; Packaging matreils for tea; Steel Panels; Resin; Betel nuts ; Processed meat products ; Spiral ducts; Needle felt pads ; Confectionary ; Cosmetics ; Waste paper; Control panel boards; Corrugated cartoons; Furniture ; Paints ; Block boards ;Pine wood frames; Tin alloys ; Canned fruit products ;Fruits; Gloves; Computer hardware accessories; Computer software; Seafood; PVC pipes.

If you are interested in participating in this delegation please contact FCCISL as soon as possible.

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