Federation of Chambers of
Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka

FCCISL successfully completes Triple Benefit housing and livelihood project at Thambinayagapuram

Twenty two youth in the conflict affected Thambinyagapuram Village in the Eastern Province of Ampara district acquired skills in building construction at Handwerk Centre Eastern Province (HwC EP), made themselves qualified to certification by Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL), National Construction Association of Sri Lanka (NCASL) and Handwerkskammer Koblenz (HwK) Germany in respective vocations and also helped each other to build their own houses. Twenty two houses were officially handed over to beneficiaries at a simple ceremony held last week. The beneficiaries of this unique housing and livelihood project were directly supervised by Handwerk Centre of Eastern Province (HWC-EP) during institutional training as well as on-site training when they were building their own houses. The project was funded by Helft uns Leben, HwK- Rheinland Pfalz Germany and local coordination was done by Sooriya Foundation Ampara. HWC –EP is an initiative of the FCCISL, NCASL and HwK Germany.

Speaking at the ceremony Mr. K Parathy, Coordinator to HE the President based in the Eastern Province praised the efforts of all parties of this important initiative to help the conflict affected families by developing competency to build their own houses but also providing them with training in a vocation where they can be employed and or self employed. Dr. Gayangi von Heimendahl, Representative of Helft uns Leben and HwK- Rheinland Pfalz Germany, financier of the project said that now the beneficiaries have built their own their houses, the skills they acquired have to put into good use to help themselves as well as others.

The house (floor area 420 sqft) consist two bedrooms, one living room, kitchen and a toilet. The houses were built on random rubble masonry foundation, cement concrete blocks superstructure with cement fiber roof, brick paved cement rendered floor and cement lime plastered wall (internal and external) including electrical wiring 5 bulbs, 2 plug points ( 5 Amp) with necessary fittings and painting. All the coordination work, planning, estimating, technical guidance, material purchasing, supervision related to house construction, monitoring & controlling and vocational training were provided by Handwerk Centre, Eastern Province.

Out of twenty two beneficiaries 16 were trained in masonry and other six in carpentry and electrical (domestic wiring). Beneficiaries were selected by funding partners in consultation with Sooriya Foundation. This unique training strategy provides triple benefits. Training in an accepted vocation, certification from three internationally recognized organisations which are Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL), National Construction Association of Sri Lanka (NCASL) and Handwerkskammer Koblenz (HwK) Germany ; and an opportunity to build their own houses with the help of others who received similar training and with funding for building material. Trainees were also provided with basic tool kit so that they are readily fit for employment or self employment.

Mr. A Navarathnarajah Hon Minister of Agriculture and Livestock; Eastern Provincial Council, Mr. S Selvarajah Hon Member of Eastern Provincial Council, Mr. K Pushpakumar ( Iniyabarathy) District Organizer, Sri Lanka Freedom Party Ampara District Tamil Division, Mr. T Darmarasa President Rural Development Society, Thambinayagapuram, Mr. K Singharasa Secretary Rural Development Society; Thambinayagapuram, T Paramalingam Hindu Priest Thambinayagapuram Pillayar Temple, Mr. Peter Rechmann of Handwerkskammer Koblenz Germany, Sam Stembo Assistant Secretary General of FCCISL, President of Sooriya Foundation were key persons who addressed the gathering.