Federation of Chambers of
Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka

Regional Prospects for Cooperation in Transport and Communication

(SAARC CCI & FCCISL organized Regional Connectivity in South Asia).

SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAARC CCI) along with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) has organized a very timely program to the region to create and optimize opportunities, based on the concept; Regional Connectivity in South Asia and its Prospects for Cooperation in Transport and Communication. Sri Lanka will be the hosting nation for this enormous program under the patronage of FCCISL at Galle Face Hotel in Colombo on the 28th of July 2011.

The importance of better transport and communication facilities can not be ignored for regional cooperation and connectivity. The transport and communication system among South Asian countries remains fragmented despite the existence of basic infrastructure. The costs for poor connectivity are high even for non-landlocked countries. There is an extraordinary need to improve regional connectivity, particularly physical, economic and people-to-people connectivity. Not only road and railway corridors, inland waterway transport and aviation too offer prospects for better regional transport connectivity. The Leaders at 16th SAARC Summit also declared 2010-2020 as the Decade of Intra-regional Connectivity in the SAARC.

SAARC CCI has invited Hon’ble Minister for Aviation, Government of Sri Lanka to inaugurate the seminar. The inaugural session of the program will be followed by working session which will focus on “Physical Connectivity: Challenges and Prospects under SAFTA- country perspective”. The Seminar will bring together academic experts, business professionals, members of SAARC CCI from all SAARC countries to share views and participate in the open discussions with the other participants.

This is the first time SAARC CCI has organized an event of this magnitude towards improving the Transport and Communication in the SAARC Region, as Sri Lanka and its businesses engaged in Service such as Air Travel, Sea Transportation and Communication will unquestionably benefit from this program, the speakers are specially chosen from the SAARC region who are authorities in the subject content, who will be discussing of the journey towards a united SAARC region, which will create many opportunities to Sri Lanka for its strategic location in the region.

FCCISL will open this event to organizations currently engaged in this sector namely Aviation, shipping, Logistics, Transportation, Courier and Communication and so on to participate to gain maximum opportunities in the region, further it will enhance the network connectivity between countries and in addition businesses in the region. The program will be conducted in two sessions and the morning session will be the seminar and the evening event will be a discussion with the experts and the parliamentarians.

Participation is only on registration due to limited space, and registration has already commenced at the FCCISL. Please contact Ms. Carmen [email protected] or Mr. Shazly Oowise [email protected] at the International Affairs Division on telephone 2304253-4 or on Mobile 0777309776/0777351404 respectively.