Federation of Chambers of
Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka

Mr. Ruwan De Silva

I, P.H. Ruwan De Silva Chairman / Managing Director of Sripalie Contractors (Pvt) Ltd have dedicated more than 30 years towards the family run construction company since 1985. I have been honored with the National Award of “Nirmana Abhinandana – Shramabimani and Nation Construction Association of Sri Lanka (Southern Branch) Construction Merit Award of in year 2012. Becoming the Chairman /  Managing Director after the demise of my father P.H. Gilbert  the Silva, I  lead the firm  to  become the ICTAD –  C1 grade along with  my  two  brothers P.H. Chandana De Silva and P.H. Rishantha De Silva.

Indeed I am happy to state here that during my tenure in National Construction Association of Sri Lanka as the Secretary of Southern Province has organized the construction exhibition (Construct) in 1994 at Galle being the founder of this event which has now been reached to international standards today. This is a prime outcome of a sophisticated management decision taken by me to explore this field among the Sri Lankan community as well as internationally which resulted more and more technologies, concepts an education expanded within the country. Also during my time in collaboration with the UNDP many workshops and programme were organized to construction related personals to enhance  their qualifications and also being the Chairman of NCASL Awards  committee the event festival has become one of best festivals in result of my continues determination.   Not only being becoming the Chairman, but also being a member of the NCASL Southern Branch  Director  Board and the Secretary ,I have developed strategic plan with  Scandinavian voluntary experts   and launched capacity building programmes to the members as well as  to the professionals in the   field and it was very successful  for those. Even the NCASL Southern Branch building was obtained as a result of my dedication during my tenure and still the Southern branch is operating there.

At the same time I was holding the position of Vice Chairman for 3 years and represented the Executive board   for 4 years at the National level NCASL Board. Also I have allocated my previous time in Galle Chamber of Commerce for 4 years as an Executive Director and one year as an Executive Director for Chamber of Construction Industry. Presently I am served as a Director of the National construction Association (NCASL)

After re awaking of Ceylon Institute of Builders (CIOB) in 2008 and becoming the Vice President has been a mile stone of Sri Lankan Building Construction Industry. It was the time with a potential to achieve industrial qualifications which now can obtain from this organization as a result of a thought full decision taken by us.  Apart from this under our leaderships, we have lead the society to a new era by having organized the World Construction Symposium 2012 in Sri Lanka with delegations of international experts. It was my key responsibility as an active member to organize and invite them to this conference which had been satisfactorily done through   my international and local personal relationships. Also I was a member of the organization Committee of the second world Construction Symposium 2013. Notwithstanding to that I have organized Sri Lankan delegations to China , Vietnam, Singapore  and more which shows my event organizing  capacity and I have  participated many  international forums . Presently I am holding the position of the designated contact of International Council for research and innovation in building & construction (CIB) Netherland. Also being an active member of International Cricket Tournament organizing committee , Southern Province Cricket Association  from 2010 to date  I have allocated my time in organizing the event well in all tournaments in Southern Province.

The company has secured more than 400 employments together with qualified technical directorate of more than 100 members and it is a substantial role in the country’s economy.

Notwithstanding that, as an industrious campaigner, I have allocated my time in following institutional and social activities having their memberships to fulfill social responsibilities while enhancing my own personality among the others