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Training and
Capacity Building

Training Department of the FCCISL involved in a wide variety of education and training activities with a scope of supporting the entrepreneurs, employees and unemployed youth of the country in the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts, rules or changing of their attitudes and behaviours to enhance the performance of their jobs or the future involvements. As the apex organisation in Sri Lankan private sector, FCCISL has understood its role in supporting country’s entrepreneurship to ensure the quality and the development of their employees to run their businesses profitably for a long period of time while supporting the younger generation of the country to be more employable.

The training programmes ranging from seminars and workshops to advanced certificate and diploma courses organised and conducted by Training Division helps participants to adjust themselves to the rapidly changing organisational and job requirements. We focus on issues that impact business operators from high level business planning to daily operational issues such as customer care, basic labour law essentials and taxation etc. Majority of the entrepreneurs want to succeed but not often engage in training that enable to improve their chances of success. This is where we attend to your requirements by designing and delivering a number of need based training programmes to support you and your staff to achieve organizational, career and personal goals and make the participants to reach their maximum potential.

Helping up the government to minimize the rate of unemployment by enabling the un-employed youth to be more employable by molding them for different careers through well recognized education and training programmes and empower them with essential knowledge on information communication technology and English language is one of the major objectives of the division. Our effort becomes more important to meet the demands of a quality workforce to fill the vacuum in tomorrow’s job market. The participants of the training programmes organized by us or in collaboration with the other reputed training or professional organizations are ensured three specific advantages named better wages, greater employment stability and greater upward mobility in income.

With our regional network and close interaction with state sector and private sector establishments we have expanded our scope and created important linkages between public and private sector industry members (PPP). This initiative aims to add additional value and recognition to the courses offered by the Training Division and absorbs new ideas, concepts and technologies to develop our product portfolio.

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